Forum Kajian Penulisan Hukum and Lembaga Eksekutif Mahasiswa Fakultas Hukum Universitas Islam Indonesia will conduct a competition with various events. This competition named UII Law FAIR 2020 which will fight over Mohammad Natsir’s Trophy.

This competition is aimed for increasing better understanding towards constitutional rights between law students in Indonesia. This competition mainly divided into three sub-competition, such as:

  1. Legislative Drafting Competition (deadline: 6th February 2020)
  2. Debate Competition (deadline: 27th January 2020)
  3. Legal Opinion Competition (deadline: 6th February 2020)

Different registration fee may apply depend on what sub-competition you will participate in. Before you register yourself, make sure you already read the guide book here.

Further information, kindly check their official social media below:

Instagram: @uii_law_fair

Line: 005fhsrg

(All information above based on official UII Law Fair Guide Book 2020).


A law student at the University of Jember having a big dream to be a diplomat.

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