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CIL was established as a university-level research institute at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2009, in response to the growing need for international law thought leadership and capacity building in the Asia-Pacific region. CIL’s focus areas of research and training are ocean law and policy, ASEAN law and policy, investment law and policy, and international law and practice.

Mission and Vission

The mission of CIL is to enable Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region to play a more significant role in the promotion and development of international law. CIL’s vision is to become a regional intellectual hub and thought leader for research on and teaching of international law

About the TRILA

The Centre for International Law at the National University of Singapore in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia (with the support from the Indonesian Society of International Law Lecturers/ISILL) is delighted to host a workshop from 20-21 March 2020 on ‘Teaching and Researching International Law in Asia’ (TRILA).

This event is part of a series of country-specific conferences, which are set to share and discuss the specific challenges in the teaching and research of international law faced by local scholars in different Asian countries.

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