About the Asian Constitutional Law Forum

The Asian Constitutional Law Forum provides a venue for distinguished scholars and new academics to share their research and ideas on Asian constitutional law, to expand collaborative research networks, and to facilitate publications.

The Forum was first held at the Seoul National University, Korea in 2005; the second meeting was at the Centre for Asian Legal Exchange at Nagoya University in 2007; the third at the College of Law of National Taiwan University in 2009; the fourth at the Centre for Comparative and Public Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong in 2011; the fifth at the Centre for Public Law at Tsinghua University School of Law in Beijing in 2013; the sixth at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore in 2015; and the seventh at the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University in 2017.

8th Asian Constitutional Law Forum

School of Law – Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU School of Law) will be organising the 8th Asian Constitutional Law Forum: “Asian Constitutional Law: Recent Developments and Trends”. The Forum will be held on 6th and 7th December 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam (Venue: La Thanh Hotel; Entrance 1: 218 Doi Can, Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi; Entrance 2: 226 Van Phuc, Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi)


The general theme covers the following sub-themes:

  1. Developments in constitutional law in Asia in the context of globalization and regional cooperation;

  2. Developments of administrative law in Asia in the context of globalization and regional cooperation;

  3. Debates and trends in constitutionalism in Asia;

  4. Universalism and particularism in Asian constitutional systems;

  5. Constitutional review in Asia: Debates and trends;

  6. Analysing models of developmental states in Asia;

  7. Asian constitutional and administrative laws and the global challenges of terrorism, economic migration, human trafficking, environmental degradation, and other non-traditional security challenges.

Abstract submission and panel proposal

Abstracts of papers which do not directly fall within any of the seven sub-themes above may also be submitted for consideration by the conference organisers. The author should submit a maximum-300-word abstract which includes a title of the proposed paper and should provide his/her short bio (including name, email, academic appointment, affilications, research interests and key publications).

Intended participants should submit either a paper abstract or a panel proposal. A panel proposal is a proposal to form a panel in which three (or four) papers would be presented. A panel proposal should include a description of the topic of the panel, and the abstracts of the three (or four) papers to be presented in the panel. A panel should have three (or four) speakers each presenting a paper, and one moderator who would serve as both chair and discussant for the panel.

Up to two paper abstracts may be submitted. However, only one abstract will be accepted. In the event of a submission of an abstract both individually and as part of a panel, the panel submission will take precedence. A committee will consider the abstracts, and the authors will be notified shortly thereafter.

Abstracts are to be submitted by 30 June 2019.

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