The Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRP) at Mahidol University in Thailand is pleased to announce the Call for Applications for the 2020 Academic Year for  PhD Human Rights and Peace Studies (International Program).

Scholarship opportunities visit.

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IHRP programs are uniquely interdisciplinary and are redefining the fields of human rights and peace studies in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.  Our programs have attracted students from over 40 countries with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. We offers a wealth of unique learning opportunities including fieldtrips for students to engage with local NGOs, meet with government officials, and gain a new understanding of human rights and peace in the field.

The PhD program focuses on both theoretical and practical skills, it is ideal for students who want to pursue their careers as an academic, researcher and/or policy maker in national, regional and international organizations.

IHRP produces graduates who are:

• Knowledgeable about human rights and peace from an interdisciplinary perspective;

• Equipped with research skills and an ability to relate their expertise within different political, economic, social and cultural contexts;

• And possess the practical skills necessary to engage with and address human rights and peace challenges in society.

Further Information: Please see the application package as attached or click here.


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