Hello, Future Leaders!

We have an exciting challenge for all participants of AIMUNC 2019 (Delegates, Observers, Chairs, Organizing Committees, Brand Ambassadors, and International Press Members).

1. Follow @aimunc_official on Instagram and Like our page on Facebook;
2. Like and comment on the “COUNTRY MAP CHALLENGE” post on AIMUNC Instagram and Facebook;
2. Guess The Name of the country on the comment section;
3. The winners are those who guessed the map country right and have most likes on their comments;
4. Two (2) winners will be selected from Facebook and two (2) from Instagram for every “Country Map Challenge” we post every single week;
5 The Winner will be announced through AIMUNC page on Instagram and Facebook Story.
5. The Winner will get free AIMUNC Official Badge during the event.

Haven’t registered yet? Join AIMUNC 2019 now!

You can easily fill-up the form by clicking the website links below:
– Delegates Link: https://aimunc.com/registration/
– Observers Link: http://bit.ly/AIMUNC_OBSERVER
– International Press Members Link: http://bit.ly/AIMUNC_IPM

We can’t wait to serve you the best MUN experience. See you in November!

Should you have further inquiries, please reach us through our Social Media.
– Website: www.aimunc.com
– Email: info@aimunc.com
– Instagram: http://bit.ly/AIMUNC_IG
– WhatsApp: http://goo.gl/bN4pT1
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aimunc19/

Bangkok awaits!
See you there, good people!
~AIMUNC 2019~


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