26 May, 2020

3rd Conference on Administrative Science, Policy, and Governance Studies [DL: 31 August 2019]

The 3rd International Conference on Administrative Science, Policy, and Governance Studies (ICAS-PGS 2019) and the 4th International Conference on Business Administration and Policy (ICBAP 2019) will be held on October 30-31, 2019 at Faculty of Administrative Science, Universitas Indonesia, Depok. Indonesia. This year’s conference theme is “Strengthening of Strategic Administrative Reform Policy to Promote Competitiveness and Innovation in Industrial Revolution 4.0: The Opportunities and Challenges”.

This conference is hosted by Faculty of Administrative Science Universitas Indonesia (FIA UI). This conference is intended to discuss and debate the recent trends in administrative science on a range of issues such as public, business, and fiscal; and the interconnections of all in digital ecosystems. This conference is aimed to bring researchers, academicians, scientists, policymakers, professional managers, students,  and other related stakeholders; together to participate and present their latest research findings, developments, and practical solutions related to the various aspects of administrative challenges in public and private sector.

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